WEEK IN REVIEW : de Blasio admin putting homeless families in vans, sending them to Newark : report

No political consequences


Although there has been some controversy to the handling of the issues of homelessness and gentrification by the administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio (D-New York City), thus far there have been no political consequences.

New York City offering homeless families one year's worth of free rent -- if they move to New Jersey

Homelessness.  The de Blasio administration is reportedly offering homeless families one year's worth of rent if they would be willing to relocate to Newark, N.J., according to a report broadcast by WNYC 93.9 FM. The New York City Department of Homeless Services notified shelter providers of 17 apartments in Newark that City officials wanted to offer to homeless families willing to relocate to New Jersey, according to the report. Such programs are reminiscent of prior controversial programs, including by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg (R-New York City), who would round up homeless individuals and fly them out of state to a city of their choice. Such programs have been deemed controversial, "because they can be seen as an attempt to pass the problem of homelessness to other cities," according to the WNYC report.

de Blasio has security escort anti-gentrification activists out of town hall

About one dozen anti-gentrification activists were escorted out by security from a town hall event Thursday night held by Mayor de Blasio, according to a report published by The New York Post. One activist accused Mayor de Blasio of backing "racist" rezoning policies that led to the displacement of minority communities, notably Puerto Rican communities, from neighborhoods, such as Spanish Harlem.

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