WEEK IN REVIEW : Conflicts of Interest Board fines three top NYPD officers for accepting gifts


The New York City Conflicts of Interest Board issued Dispositions on 26 September 2016, ending its investigations against three senior New York Police Department officials.

NYPD Chief James Secreto, former NYPD Chief James Tuller, and NYPD Assistant Chief Diana Pizzuti were each fined $1,500 for having accepted gifts in the forms of meals paid by Thomas Galante in his former capacity as President of the Queens Borough Public Library. Mr. Gallante was terminated late in 2014 following reports of financial irregularities at the public library system.

Each NYPD officer claimed not to be aware at the time the gifts were made that acceptance of such gifts would violate City Charter §2604(b)(3), states, in part, that, "No public servant shall use or attempt to use his or her position as a public servant to obtain any financial gain," according to each of the signed Dispositions.

The fines were assessed by the Conflicts of Interest Board as the NYPD face a reported Federal corruption investigation that has been described to be "wide-ranging." In June, Federal prosecutors announced the arrest of four NYPD officers as part of an aspect of the wide-ranging, Federal corruption investigation that has included activities by Mayor Bill de Blasio (D-New York City) to raise campaign contributions.

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