Publisher of Progress Queens files complaint with CCRB over NYPD misconduct at Clinton protest


The publisher of Progress Queens has filed a complaint with the Civilian Complaint Review Board, or CCRB, the agency that is tasked with oversight on matters of police misconduct.

The complaint alleges misconduct by NYPD Officers, including by NYPD Officer Tommasino (Badge No. 20873) and Lt. Catechis of the Counterterrorism unit, during a protest by AIDS activists from the group ACT UP New York outside a fundraiser event at the Sheraton Times Square to benefit the presidential campaign committee of former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, a Democratic Party primary candidate.

The allegations of misconduct, as documented in a video posted on YouTube by the publisher of Progress Queens, includes police officers making threats of arrests of activists ; the police use of force, such as pushing ; the disruption of peaceful and lawful political protest ; and the violation by police officers of the publisher of Progress Queens' First Amendment rights as a reporter covering the protest.


2016-06-02 CCRB Complaint (Clinton Protest - NYPD Misconduct 31-May-2016) [Scribd]