Man shot in Queens Village turns out to be plainclothes NYPD officer


A man driving a car was shot in the Queens Village neighborhood of Queens on Saturday afternoon.  The shooting took place near 212th Street and 104th Road, according to a report published by WNBC Channel 4 News.

Officials with the New York Police Department reported that the suspected shooter was in police custody, according to a report published by NY1 News.

The NYPD did not immediately publish a news release about the shooting on their Web site.  A request was made by Progress Queens to the NYPD for a statement of facts about the shooting.  Any information received with appear in a separate update.

The man, who was shot, had been being accompanied by another person in the car when the shooting took place, reports indicated.  In media reports, officials with the NYPD identified the two persons in the car as plainclothes police officers, and the car they were using was an unmarked police car.

It was not immediately known how the suspected shooter could have reasonably known that the two strangers in the approaching car were NYPD officers.

The man, who was shot, has not been identified by the NYPD.  The shooting victim was reportedly transported by police car to Jamaica Hospital, where the shooting victim was undergoing surgery. 

The shooting took place as NYPD are seen as deliberately slowing the rollout of body cameras.  Last September, NYPD Commissioner William Bratton limited the rollout of body cameras to 60 police officers from only five precinct station houses across the five boroughs, according to a report published by The New York Daily News.  

In Queens, the use of body cameras were only being provided to a select few officers in the 103rd Precinct, which serves the Queens neighborhood of Jamaica.

It's not known if the use of body cameras could have provided objective and meaningful information about the shooting.