History of manhole explosion and water main break at site of East Village gas explosion


The blogger and political commentator Suzannah B. Troy today recirculated a video she posted to YouTube on September 8, 2011, showing the aftermath of a manhole explosion at the intersection of Second Avenue and East Seventh Street in Manhattan, near the site of the explosion and building collapses that claimed the lives of two people last week.

In the video, Ms. Troy recounts how there had been a medium-sized water main break at that site five years before the 2011 manhole explosion, adding that she believed that the constant failure of utility lines were caused, in her opinion, "It has to do with the super-sizing, over-development on old New York's infrastructure."

The 2011 manhole explosion took place outside of the Ramen & Robatayaki restaurant, which was located adjacent to Sushi Park, the sushi restaurant, the basement of which was the site of last week's explosion.

Ms. Troy told Progress Queens that she believed that city officials have deliberately ignored New York's crumbling infrastructure in order to allow real estate developers unencumbered rights to continue to develop zone-busting real estate projects on top of New York's ancient infrastructure system of electricity, gas, water, and sewage lines.

City Hall was contacted by Progress Queens for comment for this article.  If a response is received, then that information will appear in an updated post.