DIGEST : Police Foundation responds to report about NYPD consulting contract


New York City Police Foundation issues statement in response to Progress Queens report about NYPD consulting contract

UPDATE :  In response to an article published Tuesday that mentioned a New York Police Department consulting contract being paid for by the New York City Police Foundation, the Police Foundation issued the following statement to Progress Queens :

"The New York City Police Foundation continues to invest in the NYPD by contracting experts such as Strategic Policy Partnership.  Their work is ongoing and the final cost associated with their activities will be provided in the Foundation’s 2014 tax documents, which will be public, as they are each year.

Progress Queens had asked various questions about a consulting contract between the Police Foundation and Strategic Policy Partnership, LLC, a law enforcement consulting firm controlled by Robert Wasserman, a longtime friend of NYPD Commissioner William Bratton.  Progress Queens requested the value, the term, and the parties to the contract, in addition to requesting a copy of the consulting contract.

According to research conducted by Progress Queens, Strategic Policy Partnership, LLC, has a pattern of sharing proceeds of past consulting contracts with Commissioner Bratton when he worked as a consultant in private practise.  Research by Progress Queens also showed that Strategic Policy Partnership, LLC, also employs George Kelling, co-creator of the controversial "Broken Windows" theory of policing that is currently roiling relations between police and community in New York City. 

False indignation at The New York Daily News, as it censors Charlie Hebdo's content

EDITORIAL :  In an editorial, The New York Daily News denounced Wednesday's deadly shooting at the weekly Parisian newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, that was meant to silence the media ; yet, in a hypocritical move, The New York Daily News itself censored the Paris newspaper's content.

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Schneiderman evite responder preguntas sobre los grupos de presión de Herbalife

NOTICIAS :  Una de las empresas que trabajan para Herbalife emplea la ex-esposa de Eric Schneiderman, al mismo tiempo en que el fiscal general investiga Herbalife.

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