Uncertainty about Klein's IDC translates into uncertainly about Avella


Sen.  Tony Avella  (D-Queens)  :   Source   :  Official New York State Senate Photograph

Sen. Tony Avella (D-Queens)  :  Source :  Official New York State Senate Photograph

As speculation grows over whether or not the New York State Senate's breakaway Democratic group, the Independent Democratic Conference, or the IDC, will rejoin the Democratic Party in the next legislative session, that uncertainty extends to Sen. Tony Avella (D-Queens), as well.

Sen. Avella angered the Queens Democratic Party establishment when he joined the IDC last February.  Since then, the Queens Democratic Party tried but failed to unseat Sen. Avella by running a challenger against him, former New York City Comptroller John Liu, in the Democratic primary earlier this month.

Control over the New York State Senate hinges on with which party the IDC's leader, Sen. Jeff Klein (D-The Bronx), decides to conference, which is not exactly clear, Capital New York reported this morning.  

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Working Families Party, or the WFP, bargained with Gov. Andrew Cuomo that, for Gov. Cuomo to receive their endorsements, Gov. Cuomo would have relinquish his control over IDC's conference agreement with the state's Republic Party.   As Gov. Cuomo flirts with endorsing State Senate Republican incumbents, possibly breaking his promise to Mayor de Blasio and the WFP, holding IDC members accountable to their pledge to reconference with the state's Democratic Party becomes a backstop for voters wanting to see progress in the next legislative session.

Sen. Avella was contacted for comment about his intentions, but he did not answer the request.