Is the Democratic Party giving State Sen. James Sanders "the treatment" ?

The timing of the lodging of a complaint with the U.S. Attorney’s Office alleging wrong-doing on the part of State Sen. James Sanders (D-Jamaica) is suspect.

Although the allegations involve the notorious mismanagement of the New York City Council’s slush fund under former Speaker Christine Quinn (D-Chelsea), these allegations are almost four years old.

How State Sen. Sanders could be singled out for allegations of wrong-doing over a slush fund administered by former Speaker Quinn, who herself was cleared of any wrong-doing, according to a 2013 report filed by Sally Goldenberg for The New York Post, is but one of the mysteries surrounding these allegations.

Ever since State Sen. Sanders announced his intention to challenge U.S. Representative Gregory Meeks (D-Queens) to a primary challenge for New York's Fifth Congressional District, the state legislator has marked himself as a trouble-maker to the Democratic Party establishment in New York.

State Sen. Sanders also opposes the Trans Pacific Partnership, a corrupt trade deal that proposes to subvert U.S. laws to corporations.  U.S. Representative Meeks, representing the neoliberal economic agenda of the corporate wing of the Democratic Party, supports the TPP.

State Sen. Sanders is also a political supporter of 2016 Democratic Party presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont). Recently, U.S. Representative Meeks, as chair of the Board of Directors of the Congressional Black Caucus PAC, endorsed former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton for president in the 2016 Democratic Party primary over the protestations of other Congressional Black Caucus members, ,U.S. Representative Keith Ellison (D-Minneapolis), who were not previously consulted about the political action committee’s endorsement plans.

As shown in a report published by Democracy Now! about the Congressional Black Caucus PAC’s endorsement, the political action committee is under the influence of many big business lobbyists, who sit on its board.  In a report filed by Lee Fang for The Intercept, one of the political action committee’s donors is David Adams, a principal in the lobbying firm run by John Podesta, former chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and now chairman of Hillary for America.  Mr. Adams has in the past lobbied on behalf of Wal-Mart, the large retailer on whose board former U.S. Secretary of State Clinton once served.

In politics generally, but most especially in New York, the Democratic Party does not gladly suffer challengers to its establishment politics or neoliberal economics. 

Given State Sen. Sanders' anti-Democratic Party establishment positions, did the four-year-old allegations come up as political blowback against him over his rejection of neoliberal, corporate economics ?

  -- Progress Queens