False indignation at The New York Daily News, as it censors Charlie Hebdo's content

The Editorial Board of The New York Daily News on Wednesday published an opinion piece, defending a free press in the wake of a deadly attack at the offices of the Parisian weekly newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, which left 12 people dead and almost as many with injuries.

In condemning the attackers, the editors wrote, in part, "Burning with a fervor that Islam prescribes death for blasphemy, the jihadis have stilled the pens of Charbonnier and his staff — just as they would still virtually all that appears in a free press."

Stéphane Charbonnier, the editor of Charlie Hebdo, was amongst those killed in Wednesday's shooting at Charlie Hebdo.  Over the years, Charlie Hebdo had attracted the scorn of Muslims over cartoons published by Charlie Hebdo that lampooned Islam.  

However, for all of The New York Daily News' outrage about Wednesday's attack on the free press, The New York Daily News showed itself to be duplicitous in its own reporting about the deadly shooting at Charlie Hebdo.

As reported about by Progress Queens, The New York Daily News' news article about the deadly shooting at Charlie Hebdo contained a photograph syndicated by Agence France-Presse that the photo editors at The New York Daily News digitally retouched in order to obscure the front page of the November 3, 2011, special edition of Charlie Hebdo.

Other news companies also took steps to censor the content of Charlie Hebdo in their respective reports about Wednesday's shooting attack, including the wire service, The Associated Press ; The New York TimesThe Telegraph in London ; and the American broadcast and cable news networks, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, and FOX, according to a report in New York magazine. 

After Wednesday's attack, it is not known how Charlie Hebdo will continue.  Reportedly under recent financial distress, the publication had in years past survived bans, fire bombs, and even litigation, in response to its journalism, which ridiculed extremisms in politics, religion, and culture.  

However, Charlie Hebdo's strident spirit of a vigorous and courageous free press has apparently also fallen victim Wednesday and is at risk of dying, judging by the cowardly censorship by The New York Daily News and other media outlets.   

  -- Progress Queens