On New York Ballot Proposals One, Two, and Three, the Progress Queens endorsements


This proposal nominally aims to “reform the process of establishing new state legislative and congressional district lines,” according to the New York State Board of Elections.  However, this amendment will only serve to keep the corrupt redistricting process stacked in favour of incumbents, as confirmed by comments made by Susan Learner, the executive director of Common Cause/NY, who said the passage of this proposal would “make a bad situation worse."  On Proposal One, Progress Queens recommends :  VOTE NO


This proposal would “allow electronic distribution of a state legislative bill,” saving time and money over the current regulation, that mandates supply- and time-wasting printed paper distribution of state legislative bills, according to the Board of Elections.  On Proposal Two, Progress Queens recommends :  VOTE YES


This proposal is a debt authorization, which would “allow the State to borrow up to two billion dollars ($2,000,000,000)” to buy technology products for the school system.  The proceeds of this bond sale would be used to buy technology equipment that would quickly become obsolete, and it would saddle the state for years with debt and interest payments.  It makes no sense to borrow money for technology, when New York State is already sitting on billions of dollars in Wall Street settlements.  Use the budget surplus that we already have to invest in education.  There’s no need to keep borrowing money.  On Proposal Three, Progress Queens recommends :  VOTE NO

-- Progress Queens